I’m starting to think Canadians are the best people ever


Toronto is so sassy. I love this.

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just realized that d$ is wearing those X tights that ella’s always wearing. are those a canadian thing? if so y’all have been wrong in assuming that it was erin borrowing them this entire time.

Can’t confirm if it’s Canadian gear but Erin was def. not the one doing the borrowing. Erin has had a pair for years.

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have u ever had your opinion of someone change so fast you were disgusted you liked them ever at all

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Roman Forum - Rome - Italy (von soyignatius)

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Trevi Fountain in Rome - Italy by Peter Stewart | (Website)


Trevi Fountain in Rome - Italy by Peter Stewart | (Website)

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Here it is, the monster of at home workouts. It might look like your average equipment free, do anywhere plan but trust me, this one is a killer! I originally intended this to be 3 repetitions of the first cycle but as I led my XC team through this plan, I quickly realized that was pushing it haha. You can certainly attempt to do the longer version and as always modify this to meet your body’s needs!

This is designed to have 1-2 minutes of rest between each cycle but try to keep rest between exercises to 15-30 seconds (at most).

(And all my college friends out there, if I hadn’t made this for my team I would say this was made for you because it is perfect for dorm rooms! You can do it with minimal space, there’s no jumping to bother neighbors, and you can adapt the length of time to fit your schedule!)

For more at home, equipment free workout plans go here!

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lebed said: the jalapeño mac and cheese was really meh for me. like not really different from most cheese flavoured chips and not really hot either.

sounds like i should save myself the ungodly amount of calories then. thank you!

duckayeh said: Fall is coming up, how do you feel about pumpkin?


It depends. Baked pumpkin seeds, carving pumpkins or a spiced pumpkin latte is okay. Pumpkin pie, not so much.

I happily volunteer to eat any pumpkin pie that may find itself in your vicinity…

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babydmath said: I got tricked into eating the cinnamon ones and there was nothing right about it. It was sweet and the texture made me want to gag but my friend Keith loved them and ate over half a bag of them

i didn’t mind them. i’d rather eat those than a steak. in my world if you open the bag you finish the bag. there is no quit when it comes to chips lol

this is why i fear trying the bacon poutine and the tzatziki .. because i don’t like poutine or tzatziki but i would feel obligated to finish them.

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And like the sea, I’m constantly changing from calm to hell.
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babydmath said: DON’T DO THE CINNAMON

fuckyeahtanc said: we have cappuccino ones down here, i haven’t given in…yet…

babyd - too late. cinnamon is done….

fyt - ick. sounds like a fine way to ruin a delicious potato chip to me!


In 7th grade I learned the word orgasm and I refused to speak in science class again because I was afraid I would say orgasm instead of organism

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People also shouldn’t eat potato chips labelled “cinnamon bun” flavoured.

I still can’t decide if these were a delicious idea or a horrible idea or if it was horribly delicious idea.

..  kind of tempted to try “Jalapeno Mac and Cheese” flavoured chips but this does not sound like a wise life choice.